Setup and manage emails

Setup and manage emails

Learn how to set up email accounts, create and send emails, reply and forward incoming letters, use formatting and organize messages.

  • Lesson 1. Setup and send email

    Set up an email account (automatically, IMAP, or POP3). Create a new message, attach files and send the message.

  • Lesson 2. View and search messages

    Preview, open in a new window, and print messages. Preview, open, and save attachments. Manage junk email, and block/unblock senders. Search messages and find specific emails with advanced filters.

  • Lesson 3. Reply and forward messages

    Reply to messages and automatically create meetings. Forward messages inline or as an attachment. Configure reply and forward message formats.

  • Lesson 4. Format messages

    Format the message text, change font and color, and apply styles. Insert hyperlinks and images.

  • Lesson 5. Organize messages

    Master the Conversation view and folders to organize messages.

clerks, notary, lawyers, etc.
1 week
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